Cititrust Group (PTY) Ltd is a member of Cititrust Holdings LTD which has more than 50 successful subsidiaries operating in 10 different countries in Africa, with the head office, established 12 years ago in Nigeria. Cititrust Group (PTY) Ltd operates in areas such as, asset management, insurance, private equity, financial services and real estate.
Capital Management
The flagship company of Cititrust Group in South Africa. We offers insurance services and private equity advisory services. Additional services we specialise in are compiling and generating business plans, investment teasers and provide holistic investment analysis of the transaction and your business
Financial Services
We provide very quick and effective loans for individuals in those unexpected financial emergencies. Our competitive interest rates will make it more convenient to settle your debt or achieve financial freedom. With our quick and easy application process, loans can be granted the same day. Our developmental products include, education loans, small business loans and low-income housing credit.
Real Estate
Everbond Properties is an estate agency firm that specialise in property management, real estate and property investments. We focus on assisting clients to market and sell their properties to get the best value for their investment. With our large database of clients and buyers, we can easily assist to sell your home at your desired price.
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Cititrust Group(PTY) LTD
Cititrust Capital Management
Cititrust Financial Services (PTY) LTD
Everbond Properties

Our Subsidiaries

Business Strategies

To be a diversified growth oriented investment vehicle for wealth creation.
Our mission is to aggressively grow value by creatively pursuing investment opportunities that generates superior return. We constantly aim to exceed our stakeholder expectations, whilst continuously celebrate individuals and teamwork. Retaining our workforce and building a competitive edge through sustainable innovation is essential for us.

Core Values

We understand and feel the needs of all stakeholders because we work together to achieve a common goal and we strive harder to meet their expectations.
We have confidence that we will provide the best services at all times in all ways.
We carry out all business in a strict, and in compliance with the best practices in the word. We never compromise in our dealings with all stakeholders.
We treat our customers like Royalty and continually upgrade our Customer Experience to First-Class. At CITITRUST, we recognize that Customers are Partners and incessantly invent ways of raising the class and elegance of service.

Adding Value

Cititrust Financial Services also believes in the development of young individuals, start-up of new businesses and building loans to ensure we as a company contribute to the growth of the economy and young minds of South Africa.

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